Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Night Classics: 2/20

Tonight on Root Sports, the Pirates continued their installment of Monday Night Classics, where they replay some of the best games of the past season. Tonight's game was from August 16th. The Pirates squared off against the Cardinals and won the game on a walkoff homerun by Garrett Jones. What we said in our recap:

"I would like to give credit to Neil Walker. If it wasn't for him, the Pirates would not have won the game, or given Garrett Jones a game winner."

The game started off as 1-2-3 innings for both teams. In the second inning, Matt Holliday starts up the inning with a lead-off double,and then Skip Schumaker gets a RBI single, giving the Cards a 1 to 0 lead. But the Bucs answered back an inning later, when Andrew McCutchen moonshot a 3-run home run, scoring Karstens and Tabata. After that the Pirates fell off a cliff, only getting 2 hits till the 9th inning(Walker, McCutchen singles). In the 6th, Albert Pujols hit a solo home run, and then Lance Berkman scored off a David Freese double, which tied the game back up at 3. In the ninth, the Cardinals got the lead off a sacrifice fly out to center, scoring Jay. But in the bottom of the ninth, Neil Walker put the team on his back and hit a solo shot, sending the game in to extra innings. In the eleventh, Garrett Jones sent one into the river, winning the game on a walk-off home run.

45 more days. Go Bucs.